Denise Curtis, MSc

Denise is a certified FSM practitioner, is advanced trained in FSM and sits on the National Advisory Board for the FSM Research Foundation. She is also a certified FSM instructor and is currently the only trained instructor responsible for teaching the course in Ireland. Denise completed the first ever controlled trial on the effects of FSM therapy on delayed onset muscle soreness which has been published by Elsevier Science in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (JBMT). In 2010, her research findings were presented at the 12th Scientific Conference in Sports and Exercise Medicine, at the Queen Mary University of London. In 2011, she was presented with the Ruth Johnston memorial award for her outstanding contribution in support of FSM therapy.

Denise is passionate about her work and divides her time between running her physical therapy clinic, teaching and research into the development of microcurrent therapy for the treatment of injuries and chronic pain.

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