Taping and Strapping Procedures

Qualify to treat on-field injuries instantly with taping and strapping procedures.

The aim of this programme is for all bodywork therapists, sporting coaches etc. to develop the professional skills required to identify common injury sites and to offer professional intervention in relation to the preparation and treatment of the site using taping and strapping.

Course Details

All applicants must hold a valid and recognised bodywork qualification or be involved in the coaching of sporting teams. Ideal applicants include Neuromuscular Therapists, Physiotherapists , Sports Coaches etc.

Applicants must hold a current First Aid certificate with a minimum of six months validity remaining. The First Aid Certificate must have been issued by a recognised authority in the area of first aid. 

Individuals who do not hold a current First Aid certificate may still participate but the certificate for Taping and Strapping Procedures will not be issued until such time as the participant obtains and submits their First Aid certification.

The National Qualification in Taping and Strapping Procedures covers all relevant areas including:

  • Identification of common injury sites
  • Accessing suitability for strapping
  • Identification of appropriate strapping technique for specific injuries
  • Preparation of injury site for strapping and rationalisation of need for underwrap etc.
  • Strapping application, binding and subsequent removal.
  • Kit bag and material requirements
  • Practical strapping demonstrations for ankle and foot, lateral / collateral ligament, hamstring, thumb and fingers, wrist and elbow including student participation
  • Assessment

The cost of the National Qualification in Taping and Strapping Procedures course is €255.00. All course fees are non refundable and must be paid before the commencement of each course.

Schedule and Locations

The taping and strapping course runs in the National Training Centre, 15-16 Saint Joseph's Parade, Dorset Street, Dublin 7 on the following dates in 2018.

July 1st - 9am to 5pm

October 21st - 9am to 5pm


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